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go chiefs!

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go chiefs!

Huron High School

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Game Summary

1 year ago

Renton Girls CC take first and Boys take 2nd at league jamboree #2

Game Date
Oct 10, 2020

Saturday, October 10, 2020- Huron League Jamboree #2

It was a breezy day for a race, but the Renton Varsity boys didn’t let that slow them down. The boys took 2nd as a team out of 6 teams. Renton’s top runner was Lucas Kuhn placed 4th (12:02.3PR) out of 52 runners, the rest of the boys finished very close behind, Jakob Furkas 5th (12:32.7), Luke Dulecki 6th (12:37.4), Louie Macon 9th (13:06.9), Evan Banas 10th (13:09.8), Ryan Biller 17th (13:59.1), Lucas Worrell 18th (14:04.6), and Kyle Biller 25th (14:46.3).

Varsity Team Scores- Simpson-29, Renton-34, Seitz-99, Wagar-124, Monroe Jefferson-124, Grosse Ile-131

The future look bright with JV boys’ team, they were the only full team in the race. The boys took the top seven spots lead by Cameron Crane  who took 1st (14:39.1) out of 21 runners, followed closely by  Kyle Siggett 2nd (15:06.4), Ian Ankenbauer 3rd (15:17.4), Austin Krause 4th (15:58.0), Gus Stapleton 5th (16:16.2), Cole Druyor 6th (16:32.8), Lincoln Shastal 7th (16:37.8), Will Ryan 10th (17:41.8), Broderick Yensch 17th (21:22.9), Joel Lazenby 19th (24:00.8).

JV Team Score – Renton-15

Renton girls team not to be outdone took 1st as a team out of 8 teams. Leah Emch 3rd (12:52.3) out of 58 racers, was the girl’s top runner. Next Renton finishers were Avery Turk 5th (13:40.0PR), Maggie Mentzer 11th (14:54.1), Falyn Doss 16th (15:31.5), Kirsten Perecki 21st (16:41.9), Julia Welch 38th (19:10.2), Kayden Zakar 40th (19:28.7), Amelia Szawara 41st (19:36.7), Cheyenne Potter 49th (22:22.0), and Alyssa Henninger 50th (22:43.0).

Girls Team Score- Renton-56, Simpson-62, Milan-71, Monroe Jefferson-76, Grosse Ile-78, Wagar-142, Seitz-181, Grosse Ile 6th grade-211

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