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go chiefs!

Huron High School


go chiefs!

Huron High School

go chiefs!

Huron High School

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Game Summary

3.0 weeks ago @ 8:48PM

Chiefs Steal A Win Out Of The Falcon's Nest

Game Date
Sep 11, 2023
: 7

Everyone knows you don't touch a Falcon's nest but these Chiefs either didn't get the memo or disregarded the memo.  They boldly walked straight into the nest and pounded out 7 goals.  7 goals, that was nothing, the Monroe SMCC goaslkeeper is amazing, if not for him the Chiefs would have tallied 13 and huffed it back to New Boston much much  sooner.  Sophomore Mason Thomas started the scoring off from a pass from Ian Petrick.  Andy Traster scored from the pk spot followed by Petrick from the spot after being ripped to the ground in the area.  Junior Yusuf Alziadi scored goal #4 from Petrick just before Petrick scored another this time from Traster.  Mason Thomas added his 2nd of the night from Jack Maxwell and Sophomore Johann Vasquez scored from Luke Hamilton.  Tony Trupiano, Luke Hamilton, Jack Maxwell, Landon Julio and Mason Jasinski  all played clean classy defense.  Asa Varner recorded another shutout and has established himself as the Chief's goto keeper.

Ian Petrick 2 goals 2 assists

Andy Traster 1 goal 1 assist

Mason Thomas 2 goals

Yusuf Alziadi 1 goal

Johann Vasquez 1 goal

Jack Maxwell 1 assist

Luke Hamiklton 1 assist

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