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go chiefs!

Huron High School

go chiefs!

Huron High School

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Game Summary

1 year ago

CoEd Junior HS Track vs. Grosse Ile HS School

Game Date
Apr 11, 2018
: 87

Renton vs Grosse Ile 4/11/18

First meet of the season and the Renton Jr High tracks teams are already breaking school records! The Renton Jr High boys placed first in eleven events and swept the 1600M run and 70M dash. In the long jump Gabe Anthony crushed the school record with a jump of 17’2”. The final score was Renton 87 and Grosse Ile 41.

The Renton girls track team also had a big win scoring 91.5 points to Grosse Ile’s 36.5. They took first in all but four events and swept the 400M dash and 200M hurdles. Elizabeth Anderson not only broke her 200M record she set last year but also set a record for the 100M dash.  Anderson’s record-breaking times were 28.04c in the 200M and 13.44c in the 100M.


Top Finishers for the Renton Girls:

3200M Run: 1st Hannah Segrist, 3rd Gia Dean

55M Hurdles: 1st Layla Hamilton, 2nd Madelyn Barbour

800M Relay: 1st Chloe Evans, Kelly VanSparrentak, Alexa Hester, Elizabeth Anderson

800M Run: 2nd Amelia Campbell, 3rd Natalie Marek

1600M Run: 2nd Breeann Roupe, 3rd Ashley Christesen

100M Dash: 1st Elizabeth Anderson 13.44c*, 2nd Olivia Manoa

400M Dash: 1st Natalie Marek, 2nd Chloe Evans, 3rd Amelia Campbell

3200M Relay: 1st Hannah Segrist, Gia Dean-Adame, Tiffany Burns, Breeann Roupe

70M Dash: 1st Olivia Manoa, 2nd Alexa Hester

200M Hurdles: 1st Kyndy Bennett, 2nd Rasa Jesmantas, 3rd Layla Hamilton

200M Dash: 1st Elizabeth Anderson 28.04c*, 3rd Melissa Mentzer

1600M Relay: 1st Amelia Campbell, Ashley Christesen, Chloe Evans, Natalie Marek

High Jump: 1st Abigail Murphy, 2nd Maggie Warden, 3rd Breeann Roupe

Long Jump: 1st Layla Hamilton, 3rd Lily Cholette

*new school record


Top Finishers for the Renton Boys:

3200M Run: 1st Brady Fleszar, 3rd Ryan Morris

55M Hurdles: 1st Miles Fichtner, 3rd Chandler McCraight

800M Relay: 1st Xander Scannell, Mitar Milacic, Alex Smith, Ethan Clay

800M Run: 1st Owen Barnes, 2nd Zander Carr

1600M Run: 1st Ayden Mendez, 2nd Drew Slane, 3rd Tony Trupiano

100M Dash: 1st Gabe Anthony, 3rd Jamison Gambino

400M Dash: 2nd Owen Barnes, 3rd Jacob Merideth

3200M Relay: 1st Zander Carr, Brady Fleszar, Ayden Mendez, Drew Slane

70M Dash: 1st Xander Scannell, 2nd Jamison Gambino, 3rd Antonio Talley

200M Hurdles: 2nd Chandler McCraight, 3rd Miles Fichtner

200M Dash: 1st Gabe Anthony, 2nd Alex Smith, 3rd Gavin Johnston

400M Relay: 1st Xander Scannell, Jamison Gambino, Alex Smith, Ethan Clay

High Jump: 2nd Owen Barnes

Long Jump: 1st Gabe Anthony 17’2”*

Shot Put: 2nd Mathew Clough

*new school record

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