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go chiefs!

Huron High School


go chiefs!

Huron High School

go chiefs!

Huron High School

Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

7 months ago

Pink Pink Flat Rock Soccer

Game Date
Oct 7, 2019
: 8

Pink on socks and socks on Chiefs. Chiefs on socks with socks of pink. Pink socks, socks rock. Chiefs with pink on socks that rock. Socks that rock with pink on Chiefs. Chiefs that rock with socks of pink.   Hopefully now you understand why Pink socks are in high demand.  We are raising awareness through socks of pink to make as many as possible stop and think.  Through this group of 14 guys we can only hope to save more lives. 


left to right

Braden Damiani, Mackennon Dolencic, Travis Russell, Cody Brenner, Sam Hughes, Matisse Dornier-Duff, Alex Davenport, Brendan Robbins, Owen Barnes, Ricky Emelian, Brendan Pasut, Nick Clark II, Ashton Messina, Sal Marchionda.


Emelian to Robbins-Marchionda to Barnes-Robbins to Russell-Emelian to Russell-Brenner to Marchionda-Ashton Messina solo-Dolencic to Marchionda-Russell to Brenner

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